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Project Manager - Cleanroom Engineering

Your field of responsibility:
As project manager you will be responsible for supervising complex and sophisticated cleanroom projects from the design phase through to final acceptance by the client.

Your qualifications:
A degree in air-conditioning engineering, equivalent knowledge gained through practical experience, or experience in cleanroom engineering (development). Your personal strengths include entrepreneurial thinking, flexibility, commitment and a good command of spoken and written English.

We are an independent company and are leading contractors in the cleanroom system sector. Our enterprise is internationally represented with sales and marketing agencies and production plants in several countries and we are extremely well positioned on the market.  

Our range of products and services include:
- Cleanroom walls and ceiling systems
- Contractors for A/C and ventilation systems with automatic controls as well as general contractors for building services

If the above requirements appeal to your sense of challenge, please send your detailed application to

Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber GmbH + Co. KG
Josef Oswald ∙ Daldropstrasse 1 ∙ 72666 Neckartailfingen, Germany
E-mail: josef.oswald@daldrop.com

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