Cleanroom Technology

Full schedule and cost certainty: your cleanroom with our SHELMEQ® system. Our cleanroom technology ensures that all the conditions required for your product and process are met. Thanks to our sophisticated cleanroom technology and years of experience, you can be sure that the guaranteed values for cleanliness class, pressure regime, room temperature, room humidity and lighting are met.

The cleanroom is made up of many services: design, utilities, HVAC, process equipment, airlocks, furniture and other technologies all need to be seamlessly integrated. This is the only way to ensure that your processes and production steps are carried out in the cleanest possible conditions. In general, the fewer people responsible for each service, the better.

That’s why it’s good to have a single point of contact who can meet all your requirements and take responsibility for your cleanroom technology. We ensure fast implementation, optimum results and top quality that will benefit you in the long term.

The construction of ventilation and air conditioning systems is our core competence within the SHELMEQ® cleanroom technology. If we plan and carry out all the subservices for you, everything remains in one hand, from the cleanroom shell to electrical and air conditioning technology, black media, instrumentation and control technology and qualification. You have full control of cost, quality and time management from the outset.

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Our SHELMEQ® system: Innovative cleanroom technology from a single source

Cleanroom shell

The cleanroom shell consists of the cleanroom ceiling, walls and floor. To achieve the required cleanliness or hygiene, all surfaces must be smooth and easy to clean – especially the transitions at corners and edges. It is also important that the cleanroom shell is resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.

The entire design is made up of flexible components. This means that you can easily adapt the cleanroom shell if your production process changes. In the interstitial space, we coordinate the individual components of your cleanroom technology and ensure optimum space management. We always recommend a walk-on cleanroom ceiling for ease of maintenance and increased safety.

Electrical engineering

Our SHELMEQ® system includes control cabinets with all the necessary controls and sockets for interlocks, door operators, lighting and power sockets, as well as the electrical cabling. During the design phase, we precisely define the required consumption data and connection cross-sections. In this way, we create interfaces that make sense.


Cleanroom air treatment is our core competence. For optimum system operation, we design your ventilation and air conditioning systems to comply with standards and regulations and to minimize energy consumption.

Steam, cold and hot water connections for air conditioning components are also part of our service.

Instrumentation and Control (I&C)

SHELMEQ® comprises the complete measurement, control and regulation technology. This includes temperature, humidity, speed and pressure sensors, thermostats, damper actuators, control valves, limit switches and displays, PLC units with integrated user interface, user-friendly software and complete data connection to a network.


With SHELMEQ®, we take care of all qualification tasks (IQ/OQ) for the entire facility, including documentation in the form of a formal, systematic acceptance test. Each individual test step contains an acceptance criterion that is signed and dated.

However, the user is responsible for meeting the qualification requirements carried out in the validation process. This includes a risk analysis at the beginning of the project.


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