Cleanrooms for Medical Technology

Hygiene is paramount in medical technology. And we have the right ways and means to achieve that maximum cleanliness.

Cleanroom for Medical Technology

In the medical technology sector, as in the pharmaceutical industry, hygiene standards are particularly high. As an experienced cleanroom manufacturer, we know exactly how to meet these cleanliness requirements. Our cleanrooms for medical technology are designed to eliminate cross contaminations. All surfaces are easy to clean and controlled room pressures and filters prevent particles, viruses and bacteria from entering the work areas.

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Flexibility made simple: Our cleanrooms for medical technology

In cleanrooms for medical technology, surfaces need to be easy to clean. At the same time, they must be resistant to cleaning and disinfecting agents.

Our cleanroom systems are standardized – and can be used on a modular basis. This gives us the flexibility to respond to your needs and requirements. The cleanroom ceiling is based on a linear grid which also acts as an assembly platform and is walkable for maintenance and installation work. Components within the cleanroom are flush throughout. The flat installation continues in the monobloc wall system with cavities in the walls for cabling and installation of your media.

Reinraum für Medizintechnik

Attractiveness through more transparency

With our glass walls, you can create a modern and functional cleanroom landscape: the cleanroom workplace becomes more attractive thanks to the transparency achieved. This makes the different areas of the cleanroom visible, making inspections easier, for example.

Swing and sliding doors are manufactured in-house. We make the doors on a project-by-project basis. A unique feature is their flush integration into our system. We can also supply any type of finished floor. This allows us to ensure that the wall system joins perfectly with the floor during installation

Attraktivität durch mehr Transparenz

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