Cleanroom Components: Solutions for your requirements

Our flexible cleanroom components provide the perfect environment for your work areas.

Are you looking for a sophisticated solution to achieve optimum production processes? With our advanced cleanroom components, we offer you high quality products that meet all the required standards.

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FFU Filter Fan Unit

Highly efficient and very quiet: the filter fan unit ensures continuous air exchange in your cleanroom.

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Personal Air Shower

A clean affair: the personal air shower minimizes particle contamination when people enter your cleanroom

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Decontaminating Misting Shower

The misting shower effectively traps dust, protecting the environment from contamination.

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Material Pass-through

Controlled transfer: our material pass-through for easy and clean transfer of products, materials and samples through an airlock.

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Pneumatic Sliding Door

Technically perfect: create optimal access to your cleanroom with a pneumatic sliding door.

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Electric Sliding Door

Optimum access: the electric sliding door tailored to your requirements.

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MFlow Cleanroom Cabin

With the cleanroom cabin you create a flexible and hygienic working environment.

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The SHELMEQ® philosophy: systematic cleanrooms

We build cleanrooms – and create complete workspaces. This makes it easy for you: we provide the cleanroom shell, the air supply, the instrumentation and control, the electrical engineering and finally the qualification.

SHELMEQ Konzept für Ihren Reinraum

Do you need a cleanroom or individual cleanroom components? Simply send us your enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.