Personal Air Shower

The air shower for personnel minimizes particle exposure as they enter your room.

On the clean side: The greatest risk to a particle-free room is people themselves. The personal air shower allows you to enter your cleanroom without contaminating it. The unit works in recirculation mode: to decontaminate people, the air is blown horizontally at high speed through four rows of nozzles. A visual and audible signal indicates the end of the cycle and the doors are unlocked.

Our tip: You can increase the effectiveness of the cleaning process by using the additional ionizer. This will significantly reduce the time spent in the personal air shower.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • plug-in unit
  • several units can be linked
  • built-in HEPA filter, class H14
  • optional: prefiltering of the recirculated air stream
  • optional: ionizer
  • optional: split version available

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