Cleanrooms for Pharmaceutics & Biotechnology

Wherever pharmaceuticals are manufactured and processed, high standards of hygiene are required. Our cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical industry create clean and attractive workplaces.

Cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical industry are subject to strict standards and guidelines. The entire working environment must comply with these regulations. For pharmaceutical cleanrooms to be used as such, they must have surfaces that are easy to clean. This means that the walls, ceilings and floors of the cleanroom must be completely flush. While high-efficiency HEPA filters clean the supply air, and if required, the return air, all room parameters are controlled and monitored. We are experts in building cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical industry. We’ll be happy to prove it.

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The system for your individual requirements

We offer our cleanroom system in a standard format – while at the same time, our sophisticated product range ensures a high degree of flexibility. This means we can meet your needs perfectly from the outset.

As an innovative cleanroom manufacturer, we develop special ceiling and wall systems for pharmaceutical applications. Cleanrooms require regular cleaning. All surfaces are designed to withstand the use of strong cleaning agents or disinfection with hydrogen peroxide.

The stable ceiling construction allows for large spacing between the suspension points, giving greater design freedom. In addition, the ceiling system is always walkable for maintenance and installation work. We integrate all built-in components flush with the surface, both on the cleanroom side and on the top of the ceiling. The only exceptions are the air inlets and outlets due to their design.

Nice and clean: your pharmaceutical cleanrooms

The flush integration continues in the walls. We use monobloc or post and beam construction for the wall system. The components are extremely flexible and can be replaced at any time. Media and electrical installations can be made at any time.

With our modern glass walls, you can achieve complete transparency of your cleanroom areas. The attractive working environment increases your team’s well-being and makes upcoming inspections easier.

We also manufacture our own swing and sliding doors: always bespoke for each project, they integrate seamlessly into any system. We are equally flexible when it comes to prefabricated floors which we install in many variations. During installation, we make sure that the walls join perfectly with the floors and ceilings.

Do you need a cleanroom or individual cleanroom components? Simply send us your enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible