Cleanrooms for Battery Technology

The components of modern batteries are extremely sensitive to moisture. Specially designed drying rooms are required to achieve optimum battery production results.

Reinräume für Batterieproduktion

We can ensure the quality of your battery production thanks to our many years of experience in developing complex and customised cleanrooms. By precisely monitoring and controlling the room parameters, we achieve a room climate that meets all the requirements of battery production.
With our SHELMEQ® system, we are creating a sustainable future together with our customers – efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Perfectly dry: our cleanrooms for battery production

Our SHELMEQ® cleanrooms guarantee maximum functionality for the special requirements of battery production thanks to optimum airtightness. Daldrop’s floor, wall and ceiling elements are perfectly matched to provide reliable protection against the ingress of humid outside air. Room drying with dew point temperatures down to -70°C is energy efficient and is monitored by continuous measurement. Daldrop’s cleanroom technology is therefore an essential component of economical battery production and research on any scale.

Batterie Produktion

A close eye on all room parameters

Dew point, humidity, room temperature – our qualified monitoring system constantly monitors, measures and records the room parameters of your battery production. This ensures trouble-free, energy-optimised facility operation.

Our modular room system also allows us to respond flexibly to customer requirements. The result is a production environment that is optimally adapted to the required process conditions and spatial dimensions. The use of our glass walls enhances the attractiveness of your working environment.

Do you need a cleanroom or individual cleanroom components? Simply send us your enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.