Misting Shower

The decontamination misting shower safely binds pharmaceutical dusts.

Effective cleaning and immediate help: The decontamination misting shower is a complete, ready-to-connect unit for your cleanroom. Misting with treated water reliably binds critical pharmaceutical dusts to clothing.

The shower is supplied complete with switch and control unit. 28 nozzles ensure optimum misting until a visual and audible signal indicates the end of the decontamination process and the doors are unlocked. You can upgrade the decontamination shower with options such as lighting, a drip tray, an emergency shower function and a pump to increase water pressure.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • ready to use decontamination shower
  • 28 nozzles, some of which can be adjusted, with free choice of cross section
  • electric locking system
  • clear indicator lights and acoustic signals
  • Options: lighting, drip trays, emergency shower function, and pump for increased water pressure

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